Welding Helmets

We carry other protective welding gear, including welding clothing, welding gloves, welding respirators, welding earmuffs and welding safety glasses. A welding bag keeps your helmet safe from damage, dust and other foreign matter when not in use.

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Find the best welding helmets from 3M and Optrel with variable lens shades, flip-up lens assemblies or with Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) systems. 3M helmets with Auto-Darkening Speedglas technology are the most advanced welding helmet around. The Speedglas lens automatically darkens as more eye protection is required. Welding masks are worn to protect your face, eyes and neck from high-powered UV rays, sparks, infrared light, flash burns and heat. Used for a variety of welding applications, including arc welding, MIG, Stick and TIG welding.

Auto-Darkening vs. Passive Lenses

The lens on a welding helmet have a filter rating that determines how much UV rays are filtered. Lens shades range from #8 to #13. Lower filter rating are for low-amp welding, while higher rated lens filters are for high-amp applications. Welding helmets with auto-darkening lenses has sensors on the helmet that sense the arc start and determines how much filter is required. Passive Lenses are an economical choice for welders helmets and has a fixed shade value, commonly #10 filter. Users flip-up the welding mask when not in use, then flip-down when eye protection is needed.